My caseworkers were always punctual, organised and extremely hard working. I could call C at any time and she was always available to talk to me and help with any concerns. C was exemplary in devastating and depressing times when I would most probably have left work for good.

During times when I really did not want to keep going in this world I found C to be a life support. I am now back at work and C has now become a valuable friend.


Over the last few months I have found the support from my local NASUWT caseworkers, absolutely invaluable. I have been supported emotionally and practically with great advice, representation and compassion, resulting in the best outcome for me and my family.


My caseworkers knew all the rules and legislation regarding my role and employment and spoke to my workplace on my behalf, many times, to create a smooth transition back to work. They negotiated a suitable phased return after six months of sick leave. The structured return to work was extremely generous and it enabled me to get paid while spending time getting used to my return without any pressure or stress.

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