“In the Budget, the Chancellor had the opportunity to provide a big and bold solution to the deeply damaging teacher recruitment and retention crisis affecting schools. By not addressing the key issues of teachers’ pay, many more teachers will be lost to the profession and the education of children and young people will continue to suffer.

“The failure to deliver a Budget that provides significant real terms improvements in teachers’ pay will further demoralise teachers and make teaching an even less attractive career option for graduates.

“The very modest additional funding for teacher training is welcome, but it fails to address the reality of acute teacher shortages across the majority of curriculum subjects.

“The Chancellor has failed to grasp the nettle and come up with the solutions needed to address the systemic problems affecting the education sector.

“Today’s Budget will simply add to the misery faced by teachers and schools.”


The NASUWT- The Teachers’ Union, and the Supply Register teaching agency have today announced a new partnership in a memorandum of understanding to promote an ethical alternative for the employment of supply teachers.

Supply teachers play a vital role in ensuring the highest standards of education for all children and young people. However, the way in which the supply agency market has operated has often been to the detriment of schools and supply teachers. The new partnership aims to deliver a positive change for the benefit of supply teachers and schools.

The Supply Register and the NASUWT are committed to ending the cycle where supply teachers get less, schools pay more and supply agencies make excessive profits.

The memorandum of understanding between the two leading education organisations represents a better deal for schools, including:

  • the highest standards in recruitment practice;
  • full compliance with all the relevant legislation, including safeguarding checks;
  • supply teachers who are provided with ongoing training and CPD opportunities;
  • transparent charges and no hidden fees;
  • no finders’ fees;
  • that supply teachers procured through The Supply Register have access to ongoing training and development; and
  • that the recruitment procedures used ensure equality and diversity.

NASUWT General Secretary Chris Keates said: “Supply teachers form a valued part of the teaching profession and are a vital professional resource for schools.

“Unacceptable employment practices in some schools and the actions of some unscrupulous supply agencies have meant supply teachers are exploited on a regular basis.

“The collaboration between the NASUWT and the Supply Register is a significant step towards supply teachers having the certainty of knowing they will be employed in a fair way and will be paid a fair wage for their vital work, others would be advised to follow the Supply Register’s example.

Supply Register Managing Director Baljinder Kuller said:

“We are very proud to announce our partnership with the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, which makes us their model of choice for over 300,000 of their members seeking supply and permanent opportunities in the United Kingdom.

“As an official partner, we share the values and ambitions of the NASUWT and this partnership represents a better deal for schools and supply teachers whilst creating an opening for the most ethical supply agencies to join us in our commitment.

“We look forward to supporting the NASUWT and in the near future announcing additions to our service that are underpinned by the principle that supply teachers make a vital contribution to ensure the highest standards of education for all children and young people.”