University Academy Keighley members on the picket line - Feb 28th 2018
Dear Colleagues

I just had to share with you a picture taken this morning of our members picketing at University Academy Keighley. They are taking strike action because of the unprofessional treatment they are suffering at the hands of their employer. The fact that they have turned out to picket in this weather shows not only their strength and solidarity but also sends a strong message to those who claim there is no problem at the School and continue to preside over adverse management practices that are affecting the health and welfare of our members. Only the NASUWT in this school and in many others is taking action on issues like these.

I know that they have all been buoyed up by the messages of support from colleagues across the UK.

Once again colleagues, this is a demonstration of why we are so proud of our members and proud to be NASUWT.

Please tweet and facebook this picture. Proud of our members. Proud to be NASUWT. Fighting for dignity at work for teachers.

Best wishes

Chris Keates (Ms)

General Secretary

National Executive Report February 2018

We received a draft report on changes to our political fund. With the new Trade Union Bill members have to now ‘opt in’ to paying their contribution to it, we're looking how to resolve this.

An update on the data protection changes from the 1st April. Members involved in casework have the right to have data on them forgotten afterwards. Members have to be careful with data on laptops, pupil data. Schools need to have policies adapted to the changes for school laptops.

Working with the TUC, Officers given consideration on the Demonstration on the 12th May in London. The aim is to get 200,000 people on the streets. Rally to start at 1pm, a family friendly event. The NASUWT target figure is to get 13,000 there.

Judicial Review on the upskirting, good news on that. The original outcome from the police was that no crime had been committed, however the review has sided with us that it is a public indecency offence, therefore a crime. We were the only union to take this up.

In Jersey there is good news, a lot of work has been done to maximise our membership. We’ve been pressing with the government on family friendly rights, such as maternity. We now have got these and some better rights than the UK. Parental leave, 2 weeks fully paid, paid natal appointments, 22 weeks maternity pay, carers leave etc.

Pay, our members are getting angry about pay, but continually getting told schools cannot afford, this is wrong. More schools, authorities and MAT's have awarded the full 2% through good organising. There are still issues in Wales.

We have submitted our evidence to the STRB for 2018/19 pay award.

The meeting with the new Secretary of State did not go ahead on the 25th January, hopefully by the end of February.