Industrial action successes

The NASUWT's national industrial action has secured a number of major successes, including:
•    national policy implementation and dispute resolution talks, after three and a half years of the Secretary of State refusing to meet to discuss teachers' concerns;
•    a major U-turn by the Secretary of State on his plans to remove teachers' contractual entitlements, including the length of holidays, planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time and the right not to cover;
•    changes to the pension reform proposals, particularly on tiering of contributions and safeguarding of those within ten years of retirement.
In addition, in this year alone, over 110 days of successful strike action have been taken in individual schools and across some local authorities by NASUWT members who have been prepared to take escalated action, sustained by the Union, to secure all aspects of the action short of strike action instructions, including tackling excessive workload and the NASUWT's pay and performance management/appraisal policies.
No other union has taken so many days of strike action during this year and members are to be congratulated on their strength and determination.