Britain needs a Pay rise

Britain Needs a Pay Rise - March and Rally 18 October 2014


Join us at the March and Rally - Saturday 18 October 2014

Assemble 11am at Blackfriars Embankment for March to Hyde Park

Britain needs a Pay rise

Join the campaign at
@PayRise4Britain #18OCT
All NASUWT members and their families are invited to join the march.
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All teachers should this month receive a 1% cost of living award recommended by the School Teachers' Review Body for England and Wales.
This will, however, represent the fourth year of significant cuts to pay as a result of the Coalition Government's public sector pay policy of pay freeze and cap.
As a result:

    a newly qualified teacher will have received £2,551 per annum less in their salary;
    a teacher at the top of the lower pay range will have received £3,729 per annum less in their salary; and
    teachers on the upper pay range have received between £4,040 per annum and £4,344 per annum less in their salary.

This loss of salary has been exacerbated by year-on-year increases in pension contributions and rises in the cost of living.
But the cuts to teachers' pay don't stop there. The Coalition Government has put plans in place to depress teachers' pay even further. It is proposing that from September 2015 the annual cost of living award should also be linked to teachers' performance. From that date on there would be no guarantee that any teacher would get a cost of living rise. Teachers' pay would be at the total discretion of headteachers and governors.
The TUC is planning a march and rally in London on 18 October to highlight to all politicians, employers and the public what has happened to the pay of teachers and other workers in the last four years and to make the point that 'Britain needs a pay rise'.
A massive turnout on 18 October will send a powerful message. Please join the NASUWT on the march and at the rally. The NASUWT will be providing free transport to members and their families to London. Please contact your regional Centre for details. The contact details are in the poster below.
I look forward to seeing you all in London.
Best wishes
Chris Keates (Ms)
General Secretary

Joint Equality and Education Conference, Education and Gender Equality: Learning Lessons, Moving Forward

The NASUWT is holding a joint Equality and Education Conference, Education and Gender Equality: Learning Lessons, Moving Forward, which will take place at the QE2 Conference Centre, Westminster on 17 November 2014. This is a high profile Conference that will address some very significant issues and Sarah Brown has been invited to give the keynote address.

All members are invited to attend this exciting opportunity.

Contact your Local Association for further details.