National Executive Report - July 2018

During the month of June there were 137 National, regional and online pieces of media coverage. The stories included strike action being taken around the country, including the North East in Washington. The Welsh Conference, in particular the motion on social media mentioning upskirting and down blousing. There was also online coverage regarding pay in Scotland.

We have worked with the Daily Mirror on the cost of education in relation to school trips. One school had on their accounts showed a profit of £49000 on school trips, this is scandalous.

Over the last few weeks secretaries and Reps have been receiving posters to put up in school. These have been on pay uplift, performance management and gained time. Also some up to date advice on excessive temperatures, this has been one of the most popular website visits.

In England and Wales we still have not had the STRB Report, this is now over 2 months late. We know that the DfE have it and we are concerned, as they have said they are working on it.

July the 6th was National Mesothelioma Day, since 1980 over 300 teachers have died of it. This could be well more than this as after the age of 70 it is not recorded as that. We continue our campaign that all asbestos is removed from schools.