National Executive Report - June 2018

Over the Month of May there were 49 National, regional and online pieces of media coverage. They appeared in The Guardian, BBC online, Mail on Sunday, The Scotsman and many local newspapers. This included various strike action in schools around the country, the lack of men in certain teaching roles and our school buildings survey. The most visited news item on our website was a press release about how the abuse of competency and disciplinary procedures is creating a climate of fear in schools. We had excellent coverage of the Scottish AGM.

The Deputy General Secretary, Patrick Roach, praised our members around the country who have been taking industrial action and strike action. Also those who had been balloted in further action that didn’t result in strike action.

At the TUC rally we had a significantly better turnout that the NEU, about 5:1 ratio and compared extremely well with other unions. The Press were very sympathetic on the event.

We’ve talked with Labour about the expansion of Academies, the billions of money unspent, the funding crisis, the fat cat pay in Academies and their National Education Plan.

We discussed the issues on the current government and BREXIT plans that is taking time away from other issues. However they haven’t taken their eye off Trade Unions. They have produced a report on Cabinet supporting guidance for the Trade Union Facility Time Requirements Regulations 2017, we have issues with this. The Bank of England says there is more insecurity around BREXIT on top of austerity, families are already on average down  £900 per year. The GDP has again been down forecasted.

In Wales it seems the government are adamant on putting teachers terms and conditions out to public consultation. We will continue to argue against this when they consider this from September, we are looking at our options if they do.

In Scotland, the GS was there speaking to the STUC about the many issues we have with the EIS teachers union, especially when we were taking industrial action. On pay they have been offered 3% backdated to April, then 2% in September. This is nowhere near enough for us.

In England, met with Damian Hinds, we discussed our issues regarding our trade dispute, also our Valued Worker Scheme, he was interested in this. We still not had the STRB report, it was due at end of April. It is with the Secretary of State, we are concerned that he may be adding other measures that are not being consulted on.