North East Regional BENEVOLENCE Federation

The NASUWT Benevolent Fund is available to members, former members and the dependants of members and former members and dependants of deceased members, provided a subscription has been paid to the Union. Sometimes, members experience financial hardship through no fault of their own and as a result of unforeseen circumstances. These situations can arise because of chronic illness, bereavement, an accident or loss of employment through dismissal or redundancy. The NASUWT Benevolent Fund was created to provide effective short-term assistance during such difficulties.

There are certain exceptions where the Fund cannot provide financial assistance to members:

  •     Where an applicant has in excess of £5000 in savings
  •     To assist with legal fees
  •     To assist with private medical/dental care
  •     To assist with private school fees, education courses or house purchase
  •     To repay borrowed money from a relative/friend
  •     To assist with the repayment of a student loan or to assist students with general living expenses

Types of Assistance Available

  •     Monthly grant of £86
  •     Education grant for children of school age (£125 for those aged 16 and under and £150 for those 17 and over)
  •     Holiday grant of £200 for the member and adult (18+) dependants. £125 for dependant children under the age of 18.
  •     Convalescence grant of £500
  •     Cost of living grants
  •     Grants to be paid direct where possible and where there is a specific need (i.e. cooker, council tax arrears etc)
  •     Interest-free loans (only to be issued when applicant has the ability to repay)
  •     Money advice (Payplan)

The list of those we have offered support to have included over the years:

  •     Young Teachers struggling with student debt
  •     Teachers who are having real financial issues
  •     Members awaiting settlement payments
  •     Members families who are struggling financially after a bereavement
  •     Supply teachers struggling over the summer holiday period
  •     Members struggling financially dealing with disability issues and home adjustments  

The cost of living is rising and salaries are not! If you are facing financial hardship we may be able to help.
A friendly visit, a completed form and an hour of your time is all it takes. Decisions are made swiftly and can bring about financial support and peace of mind.

Contact NASUWT Regional Centre to arrange a visit:
Tel (0191) 5195300